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A "Würstelstandl" in the São Bento Market


A "Würstelstandl" is a traditional place for sausages. It's a place for everyone, young and old, rich and poor, people with plenty of time or on the go, people with a big appetite and those just looking for a snack.


The market of São Bento, right next to the Portuguese Parliament, is a traditional marketplace with 8 little shops. Be it the flower shop or the bakers, it's a lovely place to find yourself.


We are delighted to be part of the renovation of the market and to share a piece of Austrian culture.



You can enjoy your meal eating in or with a take-away.

Wurst Event

An authentic experience

Oktoberfest, markets, company events, private parties, catering, whatever event you are planning, we can bring Wurst to you.

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